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Nouveau guide thématique pour la planification d'une mobilité urbaine plus résistante et plus robuste


Tanzarella Elena

Junior Communication Officer


New topic guide for planning for more resilient and robust urban mobility

As part of the CIVITAS SATELLITE Coordination and Support Action, and supported by projects from the CIVITAS Initiative, Rupprecht Consult has collaborated with POLIS to compile a Topic Guide, “Planning for More Resilient and Robust Urban Mobility”. Drawing on lessons learned during the COVID-19, it exhibits possible avenues for accelerating the transition towards more resilient and sustainable urban mobility systems and increasing preparedness for any future crises that arise.

Urban transport systems must be able to endure and respond to crises, from pandemics to climate change. An immediate crisis can cause further long-term changes and increase the impact of other major trends, such as climate change. Managing such fundamental change processes is a key challenge for urban mobility practitioners to integrate into their plans.

Transitioning toward more sustainable and resilient solutions requires comprehensive changes in transport systems, expanding active travel, public and shared transport and electromobility infrastructure. Cities’ and regions’ responses to COVID-19 exhibit that change is possible. From pop-up cycle lanes to parklets, transport options have been transformed and extended to build resilient and robust mobility services which are embedded in SUMP agendas.

The Topic Guide introduces the concept of resilience in urban mobility and presents the importance of integrating it into the SUMP process. It explores a range of case studies from different cities such as Dublin, Madrid, Rotterdam and Helsinki, examining how pioneering CIVITAS projects such as ReVeal, Handshake, SPROUT and Park4SUMP are working in different fields towards increasing the resilience of cities. Other projects in which Rupprecht Consult is involved, such as SOLUTIONSplus and SUNRISE have also contributed their experience with resilient mobility planning It explores the challenges faced, goals achieved and lessons learnt along the way.

Download the publication below.

Planning for more resilient and robust urban mobility
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