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Webinaire "Les villes adaptées aux enfants sont la nouvelle norme"


Ferdinand Julien

Communications Manager


Webinar on Transitioning traditional buses to E-Buses in tier 2 cities in India

Planning cities not only has neglected elderly and differently abled but also children. Not just the BUA but the COVID lockdown has also been particularly difficult for children in urban areas. Post opening up of cities, while we are taking a fresh look at various aspects of mobility in the cities, it may also be a good time to rethink it from the perspective of Children. What and how can cities plan, improve its infrastructure to make it supportive to child growth, safe and humane for children. The session also explored why is the concept important and what has been done internationally to bring the focus on cities from children's perspective.

To address those issues, MobiliseYourCity India, UMTC and WRI has brought together Mr Sreekumar Kumaraswamy, Mr Rushda Majeed, Dr Tim Gill and Mr Rohit Tak to discuss the topic “Child-Friendly Cities in the New Normal

You will find below their presentation


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