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  • MobiliseYourCity in Myanmar

    With the support of AFD

Activities summary

Mandalay commits to improving mobility

Mandalay ambition is to develop a Smart, Green, and Clean city, supported by an integrated and sus-tainable urban mobility system.
Elaborating a long term vision and strategy for sustainable mobility shall allow preserving and strengthening quality of life in a city that promotes use of a comprehensive public transport system and limit the increasing use of private vehicle.

Main expected results

  • Development and political endorsement of a SUMP for Mandalay
  • Improvement of accessibility to public services and amenities
  • Development of a public transport network
  • Reduction of congestion in city centre and improvement of traffic management
  • Professionalization of private bus operators and incentive to modernize old fleets by low carbon vehicles
  • Development of non-motorized transport
  • Improvement of road safety and air quality
  • Improvement of coordination and communication between the stakeholders involved in mobility and transport
  • Capacity building of MRG and MCDC

Support from MobiliseYourCity

AFD is supporting both Mandalay City Development Council (MCDC) and Mandalay Region Government (MRG) in their efforts to establish a sustainable urban mobility policy.


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MobiliseYourCity est une action multi-bailleurs et un partenariat pour la coordination opérationnelle de la planification de la mobilité urbaine durable et de la programmation des investissements.


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