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  • MobiliseYourCity in Thailand

    With the support of GIZ

Activities summary

Challenges specific to Thailand

The Thai Government has pledged a 20 per cent reduction in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by 2030 – 25 per cent with international support. One third is attributed to the transport sector.

GHG emissions from transport are currently rapidly increasing, air pollution in Thai cities is dramatically rising, and traffic congestion causes losses in productivity.

The two major challenges for a shift towards sustainable transport in Thai cities are: a low-quality public transport service based on old vehicles with high specific emissions (25 years on average) and a rapid increase in private motorisation (mainly cars). Additionally, city administrations lack financial and technical capacities as well as general knowledge on Sustainable Urban Transport.

Support from MobiliseYourCity partners

With the support of GIZ, the national government has decided to develop a National Urban Mobility Programme (NUMP) called the “Thai Clean Mobility Programme”. This programme aims at reducing GHG emissions from the transport sector, reducing air pollution and promoting modal shift away from motorized private vehicles to public transport.

The GIZ support is offered through TRANSfer III. The programme addresses the two major challenges for a shift towards sustainable transport in Thai cities: a low-quality public transport service based on old vehicles with high specific emissions and a rapid increase in private motorisation. The programme will help reduce air pollution from vehicles via pricing incentives, and using this money as one source of the fund to foster sustainable transport. For its implementation, the “Thai Clean Mobility Programme” consists of  three pillars:

  • Congestion charging
  • Set-up of a Clean Transport Fund
  • Bus modernization and reform

Expected results

  • Increased appeal of public transport through
    • bus modernization, through fleet electrification and service improvement
    • Improved connectivity
    • Reduced fares
    • Improved technology
  • Disincentivised car travel by internalising costs and environmental externalities through a Congestion Charge which will feed into a Clean Transport Fund
  • Establishment of a Sustainable Transport Fund
  • Replication of projects in Bangkok in other Thai cities

Achievements and results

A baseline study was carried out to define the measures of the Thai Clean Mobility Programme. The Thai Clean Mobility Programme concept was finalized and impacts assessed. Currently the project works on a more detailed design for piloting Thai Clean Mobility Programme in Bangkok.

Since year-2017, when the NUMP started, the programme has completed some outputs as:

  • Development of a National Urban Mobility Programme (NUMP) for Thailand (2019-available here)
  • Study Tour to Berlin and London (2020)

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