MobiliseYourCity Event at the ADB Transport Forum

16 May 2024
Manila, The Philippines

Session Name: Non-Motorized Transport, changing cities with active mobility: the role of walking and cycling in sustainable urban mobility

1. Description 


Walking and cycling are both underutilized transport modes in many cities in Asia and the Pacific, commuters preferring individual motorized transport instead. Other than making cities more livable and improving quality of life in urban areas, active modes are emission-free, generate limited noise, and use less space than motorized vehicles. Walking and cycling are transport modes that ensure a sustainable urban development and participate in decreasing carbon dependency. This workshop will be delivered with the MobiliseYourCity Partnership. The workshop will discuss the role of integration between urban development and transport, and sound share of public and road space between modes. The workshop will explore the latest practices and strategies for creating the conditions to further promote and develop active mobility in the region. 


2. Session objectives: 


  • Provide new guidance for sustainable urban development and to decrease carbon dependency. 
  • Fundamentals of NMT planning, and actionable measures. 
  • Understanding opportunities offered by the development of a sustainable urban mobility plan or the construction of a mass rapid transit system to promote active modes and develop equipment for Non-Motorised Transportation. 

3. Speakers and Topics