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Training Materials | Introducing Sustainable Mobility Plans (SUMPs)

Aguilar Réka

Website Manager


This training's main objective is to introduce the Sustainable Mobility Plans (SUMPs)

  • Developed by: Cerema
  • Level of Expertise: Fundamental
  • Language: English
  • Keywords: SUMP, Planning
  • Time (minimum): 1h


The ambitious goal and relevance principles of SUMP have made this approach a potential strategic plan for various stakeholders. This training set aims at giving the audience a broad overview of SUMP, its goals, and its complete development process. Since 2013, more sustainable and integrative planning processes have been lauded as a means of addressing urban mobility's complexity. New approaches to urban mobility planning are surfacing rapidly in a constantly ever-changing environment. Consequently, as part of the 2013 Urban Mobility Package, stakeholders and planning experts across the European Union developed Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs). The main goal of SUMP is to enable local governments to tackle urban mobility challenges effectively. The core SUMP principles describe the main features of a modern and sustainable urban mobility and transport plan.

Training Objectives

  • Define the difference between sustainable transport and traditional mobility and the implications for planning
  • Define the SUMP concept and how it supports sustainable mobility planning
  • Describe the main steps to prepare a SUMP
  • Identify the resources required to do a SUMP
  • Reflect on following implementation steps after adopting a SUMP

Indicative agenda

  1. Introduction to Sustainable Mobility
  2. SUMP Development Process
  3. From SUMP Planning to Implementation


If you are interested in accessing this training material, please get in contact with the MobiliseYourCity Secretariat for any level of support: contact@mobiliseyourcity.net


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