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Manuel d'utilisation du MobiliseYourCity Emissions Calculator

Vemuri Sasank

Coordinator, MobiliseYourCity Partnership


This user manuel gives an overview of the background, methodology and design of the MobiliseYourCity Emisisons Calculator. It helps users navigating through the different functionalities of the MobiliseYourCity Emisisons Calculator, which should enable users to calculate a GHG inventory for a chosen reference year and the impact of scenarios for future years – up to 2050.

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The MobiliseYourCity Emissions Calulator is used to undertand the  GHG Mitigation potential of SUMPs and NUMPs. Spoecifically, it heps countries and cities calculate transport GHG emission for a reference year and business-as-usual scenario (BAU),  as well as a climate scenario emission reductions from mitigation measures – the so called climate scenario.

As result, the tool provides data on the calculated transport demand, energy consumption and GHG emissions. This data give an overview of the relevance of each transport mode regarding the total GHG emissions within the defined territory. It also enables users quantifying and monitoring the impact of a bundle of mitigation actions according to the “ASIF” methodology (Avoid, Shift, Improve and Fuel). 

MYC EC User Manuel
MYC EC User Manuel

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