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The present MobiliseYourCity platform is intended to be the backbone of the initiative, allowing the whole activity to be embraced in one place. It should be noted that the "community" functions have not been included so as not to duplicate the "community of practice" tool mobilized in Latin America.

The site includes the following main components.

The gateway to news and events

The various news and events related to sustainable mobility and climate are concentrated on this page. As a manager you continuously feed this section and relay relevant information in other geographies.

A knowledge base

The MobiliseYourCity knowledge base is a database of documents, available to the general public, containing both MobiliseYourCity knowledge production and relevant external references. The documents are presented in a unique "map" format and it is possible to easily filter the content according to the themes, geography or entity that produced the document.

For programme managers, it is a targeted source of knowledge on sustainable urban mobility and climate issues. You will find the MobiliseYourCity guidelines as well as: guides, models, case studies, bibliographical references... on the different themes to support the animation of your programme.

The institutional showcase of the MobiliseYourCity initiative

You will find in the section "About the Partnership" the presentation of the initiative, its origin and the climate agenda it is part of in order to be able to present it to third parties in a fluid and readable way.

An overview of the initiative's activities in the different countries around the world

In these pages you will find a summary of the MobiliseYourCity initiative's activities by country.

The countries have been grouped by continent, each with a "Africa", "Asia", "Latin America" entry page. It should be noted that for Latin America, the different MobiliseYourCity and Euroclima+ actors have coordinated to have a single entry page. Via the Latin America page, it is also possible to access the MobiliseYourCity/Euroclima+ community of practice animated by Flacma. Each Program Manager is responsible for keeping his or her page up to date.


MobiliseYourCity is a leading global partnership empowering cities to improve mobility for their citizens and to fight the global climate crisis.


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This current knowledge platform is funded by the European Union based on an Intra ACP Grant « Urban Mobility Support Programme »