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Webinar 'Improving mobility systems access and experience for women: What can we learn from African examples and experts'

13 Jan 2022

CODATU webinar


CODATU will conduct a webinar in English on gender and mobility on Tuesday 25/01/2022 from 15:00 to 16:30 (CET).

There will be a presentation of the study on the specifics of women’s mobility in five African cities by Sofia Hafidi, consultant at Transitec. Sofia has started a PHD in partnership with EHTP on women’s mobility in countries of the Global South.

Loide Massangaie, Deputy Director in charge of Mobility, Transport and Traffic, and Gilda Samuel, Director of Health and Social Action at the Maputo City Council, will present projects on their territory linking gender and mobility.

Finally, a more academic analysis of the issues will be presented by an independent South African researcher, Gail Jennings.

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MobiliseYourCity est un partenariat mondial de premier plan qui donne aux villes les moyens d'améliorer la mobilité pour leurs citoyens et afin de lutter contre la crise climatique mondiale.


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